Monday, 18 February 2008

I'm back!

... after a lovely half term, during which I didn't do a stroke of work and had more sleep than I've had in the past two months put together probably. I also

♥ became the mother of a teenager
♥ took the girls for lunch at a sushi bar, and discovered that children will eat anything (even raw eel) if it comes on prettily coloured plates and is delivered to them by conveyor belt
♥ stayed in my pyjamas until 3pm one day
♥ Read Fiona Harper’s gorgeous book ‘English Lord Ordinary Lady’ (un-coincidentally, the same day as the pyjamas until 3pm thing happened...)
♥ spoke to my editor and found out that Olivier’s book has been titled Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure. Love that!
♥ made—at various times— 24 valentines fairy cakes, 36 chocolate chip cookies, 1 loaf of banana tea bread (to use up the bananas that no-one was eating because of all the fairy cakes and cookies) and 1 chocolate orange birthday cake.
♥ watched Penny Jordan being glamorous, articulate and gracious on the Richard and Judy talk show, with another of my romance writing heroines Jilly Cooper.
♥ finally got around to tidying the cupboard under the bathroom sink.

Children are now back at school so the house seems very quiet and (apart from the cupboard under the bathroom sink) very messy. However, am going to ignore that and begin researching my new book. It’s going to involve a lot of tea, toast and youtube...

(er, that's the research process, not the book!)


Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back! Know what you mean about half term. Dog is pacing round, as if to say, 'Where are they? What did you do with my source of doggy treats? Bring them back!'

Now to settle back to routine. (With you on the tea, but YouTube is going to have to be the carrot for writing x amount of words...)

Amanda Ashby said...

Wow, Penny was on R&J? How cool. And she got to meet Jilly Cooper??? Now I'm insanely jealous.

Anonymous said...

What's a half-term? And super cool title! Can't wait to read it!!

Michelle Styles said...

Fantastic title!

Glad you enjoyed half-term. I am in the throes of it.

YOu look far too young to be a mother of a teenager. has she started to steal your romance books yet?

Eva said...

How can we view R&J? Is it on YouTube? Way to go, Penny!

And way to go, you, India, on taking it easy this half-term break.

Brown, there is no such thing as half-term over here in Canada. On the other hand, British kids don't get March Break.

Mary said...


How do you make fairy cakes? My eight year old daughter is devoted to all things fairy, and I would love to have the recipe.

Thank you!


P.S. I adore your books!

Sharon J said...

Penny was on Richard & Judy??? Why did nobody tell me? Damn!