Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At last...

I’ve found someone with whom I wouldn’t mind swapping jobs. Generally, as I’ve said before, I really do think I have the best job in the world, apart from chocolate tasting for Cadbury’s or being James D’Arcy’s dresser (although to be honest I think my interest lies more in undressing James D’Arcy...) but on Saturday we took the children to Manchester to play at being cool metro-kids for the day. This involved having lunch in a sushi bar, and then going to see this exhibition in the City Gallery.

Lauren Child is a goddess, and I’ve loved her work for years. However, what tipped this abstract admiration over into a raging case of full-blown career envy was a photograph of her at work at her desk. It’s all white and bright and gorgeous, of course, and on it she has a big box of coloured pencils.

Ever since I’ve been feeling a deep and primitive need to do some colouring in. I think that may be what my life is missing these days.


Trenda said...


I LOVE Lauren Child! My son is crazy about Charlie and Lola, and my daughter can't get enough of her Clarice Bean books. I remember reading Lauren Child's version of The Princess and the Pea. Fabulous!


Michelle Styles said...

I know the drawings. I am sure the exhibition was great.

Colouring in can be good for the muse. Go for it!

India said...

Trenda, it's just another reason to come over, you know! Get those flights booked!

I used to spend hours colouring in when I was little, Michelle. I do kind of miss it. These days the closest I get is painting bits of skirting board at odd hours of the night in an attempt to get on top of the decorating. It's just not the same!