Friday, 29 August 2008

Post-Games Analysis

I don't think you can ever have too many wooden spoons.


Michelle Styles said...

Ah but you would not want to end your streak.
I can see that you are going for the ultimate collection.

India said...

You're absolutely right, Michelle. There's a certain distinction in being so iredeemably rubbish!!

We had fun though. The last hurrah of the summer...

Trenda said...


Sorry to be so long in writing about your gorgeous book. Life has been a series of viruses and strep throat of late. Hubby is the most recent victim. So far, I have escaped unscathed!

I was able to enjoy your book during those little snatches of free time between wiping noses and forcing children and hubby to take their yucky medicine.

Lovely, lovely, lovely story! I absolutely did not want it to end.

Thank you for sharing your creativity and love of romance with the world!



P.S. Love the spoon!

P.S.S. The chocolate was divine!

India said...

Trenda, huge hugs. I had strep throat when daughter #1 was about 6 months old and it was just the most horrible, painful thing ever. So sorry to hear that husband and the littles have succumbed, and keeping my fingers tightly crossed that you stay in the clear. (In my experience the tender loving care that we give to our suffering families isn't always repaid in full when we're in need!!)

So glad you liked the book. Thanks for being so lovely about it.