Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Late again!

Sorry about that. A combination of guinea pigs, chocolate cake, ironing and a hot scene with my hero and heroine in a ruined tower at twilight conspired to keep me away from the blog yesterday. I did however manage to wake up in time to do the early morning phone interview with City Talk radio, which you can listen to here. (scroll down to Tuesday, and click on the breakfast show link. It's an hour and five minutes into the programme.) Hmm. The question ‘Is your pseudonym as important as the stories you write?’ was a particular low point for me, but then I had missed the bit at the beginning where they were sniggering over passages from Harlequin books...

Ah well. On a more positive note, I’ve finally got around to picking some winners for Orlando and Rachel’s competiton. Big congratulations to Crystal, who daughter #1 picked (out of a cereal packet, which was the most convenient thing to put the names in at the time!) as the first prize winner. Runners up prizes go to Amy, Trenda and Jane, so I’ll email everyone soon to find out addresses for sending goodies. Thanks again to everyone who entered!


Rachel said...

Dear India,
well done for maintaining such grace and dignity in that interview. Very brave of you to be such a lovely ambassador for M&B, as it seems it's always just a matter of time before someone decides to take the mickey. That's easy, writing three novels a year is NOT.

So pleased you got the last laugh though when the male presenter bogged up by quoting the wrong book. Ha!!



Anonymous said...


Thank you so much! I am thrilled to be a runner-up. Tell daughter #3I said, "Thanks!"


P.S. So glad you enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

Oops! That was supposed to be daughter #3 NOT daughter #31!!!


Anonymous said...

Pfft on them. You were lovely as always!

India said...

All that is just so irritating, isn't it? Aren't they clever enough to work out that with 1.3 million UK sales a month it's highly likely that a fair number of their listeners are M & B readers? Grrr....!! But thanks for the soothing positivity, Rach and Brown!

Trenda-- yikes! 31 daughters! Just imagining that makes me want to go for a lie down... (Parcel on it's way asap!)


Anonymous said...


Yes, I had the same reaction when I read what I had typed...31 daughters...yeesh!

Thanks again, India! My daughter was thrilled to hear we'll be getting mail from across the pond.

Best wishes,