Thursday, 21 August 2008

Olympics here we come!

No, not those ones in Beijing. I mean the proper Olympics... the ones taking place this weekend at my stepmother's house and featuring events such as The Butler's Relay (swimming a length of the pool carrying a tray of drinks) Speed Jigsaw, and Target Skittles (I'm not sure what the target element involves, but have traumatic flashbacks to when my older brother used to practise his tennis aim by hitting unripe apples at me.) If you remember, last year I was pitiful enough to bring home the wooden spoon, but this time thanks to employing Madonna's personal trainer and spending the last six months on a high-protein, chocolate-and-cake-free diet it's all going to be SO different... *

Whatever you're doing this bank holiday, have a lovely time. Here in the UK the weather's set to be apalling, but my thinking is that what we lack in sun we can always make up for in Pimms and chocolate cake. (See? There you have the attitude of a finely-tuned Olympian...)

(*Snurk* Just in case any of my family read this. That'll scare 'em!)


Rachel said...

Ooh have fun!! Is it really possible to swim holding a tray of drinks without drowning? Pics as evidence please!

Think I'd play it safe and adjudicate with the jug of Pimms!

Have a great time,



Amanda Ashby said...

Waves from NZ!!! I actually feel like I'm back in the UK because B's sisters just sent us a care package FULL of quavers, thorntons and caramac!!! Good stuff!

India said...

Rach, I know that it is possible because all the other members of my family (daughter #1 included) managed it. My drinks-related talents clearly lie in other directions...

Amanda, that is just Not On. I thought that the deal was you got the sunshine, beaches and stunning surroundings while we got the Caramac and Quavers. I've a mind to call you right back here to explain yourself, young lady!

Amanda Ashby said...

If it's any consolation:

1) it actually gets cold here in winter - thank goodness spring is almost here

2) I've already dealt with the thorntons, the kids made short work of the 10 bags of quavers and the only treats left are my husband's caramacs. I guess it's back to the TimTams for me!!!