Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Another update, via the medium of Kate'n'Leo....

The end is in sight.

Whether I make it or not still remains to be seen.


Kate Hewitt said...

Go, India, go! You can do it!!

Trenda said...

Keep swimming, India!


Jane said...

Good luck, India.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that supplies of chocolate may be runnning low.
In emergency, cake is an acceptable substitute.
Shoulders back, bottom on chair.
Courage ma brave, courage.

Rachel said...

Hang on in there, India!!


Julie Cohen said...

You will make it!!!

Trenda said...


Shh! Don't tell Orlando, but um, I have a new favorite...[sighs deeply] Alejandro...oh, my!

Yes, I finally managed to hide myself in the bath tonight, so I could indulge in your lovely book, At the Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding. So many gorgeous moments...and then there were the ones that simply made me smile...I felt Tamsin's mortification when Matt "delivered" her to Alejandro...and then at the end, you know the bit with the shirts he "redesigned," dearie, you made me cry it was so darn romantic!

Hugs across the pond,


Michelle Styles said...

Keep swimming. YOu can do it.