Monday, 30 March 2009

Quiet blossoming

Not just the daffodils and the pink froth on the cherry trees on the path up to school. Feel like there's a bit of a seasonal change going on in my head too as the last book gradually fades away and the characters from the new one burst into life. (Oh knickers-- that makes it sound like I have some bizarre personality disorder, doesn't it?) Anyway, bursting into life they are, while I potter about in peaceful domesticity attempting to bring order to the chaos and squalor left over from The Deadline Weeks. I'm very, very excited about getting stuck into this book, so I don't hold out much hope for the chaos and squalor being entirely obliterated.

Here's my new hero...

In real life Gabriel Aubry is Mr Halle Berry, but in my (murky, mixed-up) world he's the bad-boy prince of Santarosa and something of a handful. Eeeek.


Rachel said...

Ooh he's scrummy, India!

Has he got a name yet? Taming this one is going to be great fun, I can just tell.

The domesticness will be futile by next week anyway won't it?(Easter school break). I think this chap is going to be far too naughty for you to ignore him for long, but I would keep an eye on Muffin. If the squirrels in my garden are anything to go by there will be carnage on the new shoots front.

Lots of love,

XXX p.s Man from Dell monte and Finance Manager revived the laptop- MS is at 43K--almost there now!

Trenda said...

What a delicious fellow!

Happy writing!



Jeanne said...

Wow! When we were in LA last year our daughter forced us (forced, I say!) to go on one of those driving tours of stars' homes and we checked out Halle's. Gosh, if I'd only known what a hunk of burning love awaited behind closed doors. Handful indeed.

Good luck on the new book, India!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My. Gabriel! How positively UNangelic you look in that pic!
LOL have a blast.

Margaret McDonagh said...

Hey, hands off, India!!!!!!!!!!! Gabriel is also my Thorn - very much a maverick with a bad boy edge!!

Gabriel is scrummy, isn't he? He also came out with one of the loveliest quotes I've heard in a long time. He was asked about giving gifts, etc, and he said "what matters is presence, not presents", meaning the gift of yourself and your time is much more important than any expensive gift given at a distance. I thought that was lovely.

I guess we shall just have to agree to share him!!

Mags xx

Jane said...

I'm always drooling on Gabriel's Calvin Klein ads in the magazines.

India said...

Rach, he's called Luis, and you were quite right about the domesticness. All is dust and ashes again. Literally. Well done on the word count front-- 43k is fantastic!! Nearly there. Let us know when you're finished and we'll have a blog party!

Glad you approve, Trenda! Jeanne, it's perhaps just as well you didn't know or you might have been scaling the walls... (I entirely approve of your daughter's itinerary by the way!)

Rayanne-- that made me laugh! You've got it, in a nutshell!

Margaret, you always grab the best ones first, but as you say, we can try to share nicely. I must admit, the fact that he's now a devoted daddy to a little girl only adds to Gabriel's appeal.

Thanks for the tip-off Jane. I'm off to search them out!