Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Out of Touch

So it seems that the sudden demise of my ancient computer is just a tip of the communications-nightmare iceberg here (those Titanic images just won't go away, will they?) Thanks to everyone who left comments here about my email issues: I checked my website yesterday and realised that it was down too. Apparently it's something to do with the server, so now I've let them know it should be sorted soon, (yeah, right!) but big apologies to anyone who emailed and hasn't had a response. For once it's not just because I'm a lazy old slacker!

Of course, the other reason for my lack of communication is that, in the aftermath of finishing the book I think I've just run out of words. My head is filled with echoing empty spaces where sentences should be. I'm guiltily aware that the deadline panic meant I didn't properly celebrate the release of Alejandro's book (At the Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding) with the usual contest and giveaways and background information and stuff. Is it all too late now? If there's anything anyone wants to know more about please shout up. In the meantime (and since I'm now actually boring myself with my extreme lack of anything worthwhile to say) let's just quietly contemplate Alejandro's gorgeousness, shall we...? (via the medium of his real life body double, Argentine polo ace Nacho Figueras)

Hmmm. That was nice. Think I might go and research my next hero now. He's South American. And Royal. And very naughty. Am sure I can just about rouse myself for that kind of challenge...


Trenda said...

Oh my! Love the pictures, India! What a gorgeous way to begin my day. Much more fun to contemplate Alejandro's body double instead of moping about the cold rain out my window.

And you have already begun a new book? OMG! Girl, you exhaust me!



Rachel said...

Mmmm, 'naughty' eh?

Me likes...

Lots of love ,

Rach. (with a 4 month old laptop that refuses to charge)

Michelle Styles said...

Oh another South American hero of yours. How absolutely scrummy.

Jane said...

I'm loving the pics of Nacho.

India said...

Trenda, I don't know why I've started the next book already-- usually it takes me ages to crank my tired brain back into writing mode, but this time I just want to get on. Could have something to do with the new man, I suppose...

Rach, that's bad news about your laptop. Can you get it sorted? I want a progress report on that ms!

I'm absolutely loving my Brazil research, Michelle. Sounds so fascinating, and as this is a fictional island I do have a bit of scope for imagination too. Ideal!

Jane-- I loved Nacho! Just as well I didn't find that pic with his shirt off until after I'd finished the book or I'd never have got anything written!

Anonymous said...

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