Friday, 20 March 2009

The End!

Finally got there. And now I feel like this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely encouragement and positive thinking. Sadly, the ancient computer in my office-in-the-attic took the role of Leo in this epic drama, and died right at the end. Thank heavens for the invention of the memory stick.


Kate Hardy said...

Congrats on finishing. And, as you say, thank goodness for memory sticks :o) Time to treat yourself to a new PC, methinks. (Don't need to tell you that it's tax-deductible...)

Trenda said...

Congratulations, dearie! I knew you'd do it! Ooh, now you can go computer shopping!



Michelle Styles said...

I agree with Kate. You need a new PC.

Congrats on finishing.

Jane said...

Congrats, India.

juliemt said...

Congrats, India on finishing the book.

By the way, I tried to e-mail you, but the e-mail kept bouncing! Anyway, I loved Tamsin and Alejandro; review is on Cataromance.


India said...

Aha, no Kate-- the financial controller is on the case. But I don't really know what I want or where to get it from. Trenda, call me an airheadbut I'd rather go shopping for shoes! (because we have some sun here, and I've been wearing boots and scarves and black for too long-- I want red shoes!)

Thanks, Michelle and Jane, for the congrats and for the cheering on when the long slog was in progress. Honestly, every time it feels like I'm not going to make it, so the encouragement is so much appreciated.

Hi Julie-- sorry about email-- how bizarre! But THANKYOU so much for lovely, lovely review! xx

Trenda said...

Of course! Red shoes first, then a PC. A girl must have her priorities in order, right, India?

Have a gorgeous day!


Rachel said...

You finished! Hurrah!

It's also Mother's day (coming in a bit late as usual)so bring on a large G&T or bellini cocktail to celebrate, you've earned it!

Red shoes AND sandals will be neccessary I think.

Lots of love,


Nell Dixon said...

Congrats on finishing!

Brigitte said...

Echoing juliemt. I have tried, ever since you sent me that lovely email, to write back to you, but it always keeps bouncing back, stating DNS error. No idea what that is...I'll try again, hoping the problem is solved now. Don't think I haven't answered!!

Trenda said...


I also had an email to bounce back a week or so ago.

Hope you are having a gorgeous day and that you've purchased your must-have red shoes!



Brigitte said...

Tried again to send you said
e-mail on the 23rd, but has arrived back in my inbox undelivered...again. Would you have another address as this one doesn't seem to work any more.

...and congrats to clawing your way through yet another, no doubt, thrilling story. Can't wait.