Tuesday, 23 October 2007

In the interests of fairness...

Here's another picture of my current hero. I think perhaps he might have been sulking at the proliferation of other men around here, which would account for his present refusal to co-operate with the story.

(See that pained expression....?

...If he doesn't start behaving himself soon I'm going to give him very good reason for it.)

It's half term, so the opportunities for whipping him into shape are minimal I'm afraid. Today we are waiting in for the delivery of a new freezer, which, following on from my initiation into online shopping, is the next stage in my plan to become a total hermit for weeks on end as deadlines loom.

I am painfully aware as I write all this that there is no way to make it sound less dull than it is.

Ho hum.


Rachel said...

I hope the freezer comes early, so you can get out for a bit. My two cherubs are like wild dogs if they aren't exercised sufficiently.
It was a 'pumpkin experience' for us today. Came back covered in mud with two ENORMOUS, slimy jack o'lanterns,(size is important obviously)and minus my favourite pair of sunglasses. Most annoying, lost in the forty acre patch somewhere.
Still, it was wholesome and we all have rosy cheeks.
Have you made a list of all the lovely things you are going to stuff into the new shiny freezer?

India said...

Oh Rachel, you are SUCH a lovely mum. Not only do you take your children to pick pumpkins for halloween (and mine are lucky if they get to choose one in the supermarket) but you also wear gorgeous sunglasses in the manner of maybe Cameron Diaz whilst doing so. I am gnawing my computer desk with envy and admiration.

Please could I send my children to your house for the next 3 days?

(Husband has just unpacked the shiny new freezer and discovered a huge crack in one corner. Tempers are further strained here now...)

Rachel said...

Oooer, India-I do NOT like the sound of the freezer incident. Presumably this will mean waiting in AGAIN to get it sorted out. I really hate it when things like that happen here, especially as Mr Finance Dept automaticlly blames ME for the cock up . It's a male reflex I think.
As for 'lovely mum', ahem, halo has slipped into the gutter. They are presently fighting like cats and dogs and I am shouting. A lot. Loudly.
Hope today is a bit better for you.

India said...

Your shouting confession cheered me up a bit. (I think shouting is fine. It's the swearing I'm trying to give up...)

The freezer is still standing out there looking broken and waiting for me to Sort It. However, tomorrow sees The Return of The Gas Man, so I just don't have the strength. Think I'll just lie down under the desk for a bit and wait for it all to go away...

Ray-Anne said...

Just in case the boy continues to misbehave, you may share my current hero while you are in 'SORT IT' mode. Seeing as it is you, but please return him in good condition.


LOL Ray-Anne

Richard said...

Just catching up with people. Again. Hello!

I have no idea who that picture is of, looks like the muscle-bound plank who plays Andy Sugden in Emmerdale to me. Is he your freezer delivery man?

India said...

Mmmm...my, Ray-Anne is he PRETTY. I'm handling him very carefully, and I'll return him as soon as I can bear to.

Richard! Wake up!
I can see I'm going to have to start watching Emmerdale again if the spotty pre-pubescent Andy Sugden I remember from my last maternity leave has blossomed into a James Franco lookalike. (If it had been my freezer delivery man do you think I'd have let him go? Uh-uh. Cupboard under the stairs job, definitely.) Anyway, how the devil are you? Where the devil are you? It's great to see you here!

Richard said...

I'm fine, thanks. Did you see me in the Chron back in the summer?

I'm now too far away and wanting to come back. Is that too vague?