Monday, 29 October 2007

From your Arts Correspondent...

Having spent all of half term holed up in my little room in the attic battling with the book while my mum stepped into the breach as Entertainments Organiser, I decided to try to redeem myself at the last minute by taking the girls to the cinema on Friday evening.

We went to see Stardust. I went with an attitude of magnanimous self-sacrifice, feeling that sitting through two hours of girly nonsense was the least I could do after a week of relentless neglect, and secretly planning to fall asleep in the middle, once the popcorn had run out. Anyway, this cunning plan was blown out of the water by the fact that the film was fab.

Treats for the mums included a totally all-star cast, featuring a squillion astonishingly top-notch actors popping up in cameo roles, a rattling good script with some glorious lines, Robert De Niro—twinkling of eye and swashbuckling of form, and brooding, black-clad Mark Strong as the sexy villain. Oh yes, and maybe, just maybe, Charlie Cox was another tiny reason why I managed to stay awake and glued to the screen too.
Hell-o. Have I ever mentioned that I can’t resist a man in boots and a frock coat?

The plot centres on Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, one of a trio of witch sisters, needing to capture Claire Danes and eat her heart in order to regain their lost youth and beauty. Well, you would wouldn’t you, if it took you from this...

to this....

OK, so morally the murder and cannibalism aspect is a bit shady, but surely justified it if you end up looking like that ('Because you're worth it'...). Anyway, it was two hours of glorious gothic fantasy, romance and laughs. (And, in my case, the best part of a packet of Maltesers.) The only problem was I came out feeling that I’d enjoyed it far too much for it to count as child-indulgence.
(Hence the crisps and chocolate cake when we got home. )
Oooh-- and today I've got a post up on the iheartpresents blog. Please go and visit and make me look like I have some friends!


Annie West said...

Hi India,

Thanks for the feedback on the movie. I'm thinking about going to see it too, so it's good to hear it's worth seeing.

Just popped over to IheartPresents but, after 15 futile minutes fighting WordPress, still can't post a comment there. Congratulations on your second book! May there be many more.


India said...

Oh yes Annie, you must go and see it. Mad, far-fetched, but fun-- and a great excuse for a total chocolate binge under cover of darkness!

Thanks for your comment on ihearts, your perseverence paid off in the end and it was lovely of you to drop by!

Eva said...

I read that book during the summer!!

It's a great read (although the movie sounds fab too) - a perfect novel for those of us who are determined never to grow up and long for a story about fairies, witches, and a falling star. Not to mention romance.

Ok, off now to iheartpresents.

India said...

Eva, I heard that the book was actually quite raunchy and definitely not suitable for children... is that right?

Go see the film-- you and K will love it!

Eva said...

The novel is definitely not for the younger set!

I think we missed it here. We'll catch it on DVD.