Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Moan, whinge, complain...

Am utterly fed up.

I have something in my eye. Something that feels like an enormous great boulder-sized piece of very sharp glass, but which is invisible. It is lodged just under my upper eyelid, at the outer edge, and makes blinking excruciating and sleeping impossible.

After wasting an hour of prime, day-time, child-free writing time waiting in the doctor’s surgery I am informed that it is probably an allergy. I disagree, although I am prepared to admit I could be allergic to the enormous boulder-sized piece of very sharp glass in my eye. The doctor points out (disapprovingly) that I am wearing mascara. I point out (defensively) that this is a good sign. For me, not wearing mascara will be one of the early symptoms of death.

I leave with a prescription. £6.45 later, in the chemist, I realise that it is for Allergy Eye Drops.

I am now wondering if a good cry will help by maybe washing away the enormous boulder-sized piece of very sharp glass. I think it’s considerably more likely to work than the stupid drops.


Rachel said...

Oh poor you, India! It's so awful having a manky eye isn't it? Not only is it the make up thing (speaking as someone who has only ever been parted from it on the operating table), but everytime you look in the mirror you feel worse. Well I do anyway!
Doctors can be very frustrating too sometimes can't they? Is it possible to have an allergy in just the one eye? Does hay fever work like that? Is your other eye a falsie?
Stick with the Optrex I suppose and keep it shut as much as possible. Lie back and plot in your head, you're still working that way aren't you? Perhaps a piece of your(waterproof, uplifting,telescopic, false lash effect?)mascara has left a scratch on the eyeball-hurts like hell but practically invisible.
Hope it's better soon.

Eva said...

I think a bit of self-pity is definitely in order. Do they have eye specialists in town - I seem to recall not. A second opinion may be in order.

Might it be a stye? As I recall they can be very painful. And I suppose they are technically infections.

Margaret McDonagh said...

India, I am so sorry - that's a rotten thing to have to cope with. A stray eyelash is painful enough. I really hope you are soon feeling very much more comfortable and evict the boulder-sized intruder.

Sending lots of cyber [[[hugs]]]

Mags xx

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, poor you - big hug - I agree with Rach, sounds like a scratched eyeball (Chris did that to me as a baby and I couldn't see out of one eye!) Get well soon.

Nell said...

Hugs, if it doesn't improve with the drops go to A&E. They will have another look for you.

Michelle Styles said...

It sounds like conjunctivitus cause by a unknown foriegn body that may have now departed.
The eyedrops may help. Do they have a red top and have to be put in every four hours for five days? My dh has a tendency to get this and golden eye ointment just doesn't do it, plus golden eye/brolene is nearly impossible to get hold of due to manufacture problems.
When my daughter first got cojunctivitus, she decided that she was blind and refused to open her eyes.

India said...

Oh wow, girls, thank you all so much for the hugs and sympathy. Did in the end opt for A&E Nell, and though it cost me pretty much a whole day of work and I emerged with one eye dyed bright orange (nice!) it was worth it to have whatever it was removed! Apparently there are some scratches on the surface of the eye, but I had anaesthetic drops put in and have been given some antibiotic cream to bring home-- to keep the conjunctivitis you mentioned at bay I think, Michelle.

So drama over, I hope. Thanks again for all the support, and maybe tomorrow I can just get in a nice, quiet day of WRITING!!

Michelle Styles said...

Thank Goodness it is all sorted!

Now follow the instructions and when you are finished with the medicine --THROW IT OUT. Eye infections are easily transferred.

Anonymous said...

((India)) Hope the eye gets better soon. Baring that, I say hold down the doctor and drown him with the allergy drops. It may not help with the glass, sharp, boulder in the eye, but it might make you feel loads better!