Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Big Day Out, and Competition Mark 2

Have delegated the school run for daughters 1 and 3 this morning, as #2 and I are suffering from an excess of excitement and exhaustion following a big day out in Manchester yesterday. Her school were taking part in the Young Voices choir event at the MEN arena in the evening, and we didn't get home until well after midnight, so I'm letting her sleep in.

While the children spent the day rehearsing at the arena, us mums hit the shops. The plan was to make a full-scale tactical assault on Christmas shopping (which, thanks to Olivier I've barely started) but unfortunately by 2.30 we found ourselves in the champagne bar at Harvey Nichols. Oops. Basic error.

Anyway, must rally my strength to announce the second of this week's exciting competitions. This one is a group celebration with four other lovely writers, and the answers are available on our websites (better just go and check that mine, in fact, is...) Here goes!
In anticipation of our January/February releases, Natalie Anderson, Christina Hollis, India Grey, LynneMarshall, and Kate Hewitt are offering a fabulous contest with the following books as prizes:
The Italian’s Chosen Wife by Kate Hewitt
All Night with the Boss by Natalie Anderson
The Italian's Captive Virgin by India Grey
One Night in His Bed by Christina Hollis
Single Dad, Nurse Bride By Lynne Marshall
To enter, please visit our sites to discover the name of the heroine in each book listed above. Send an e-mail to anyone of us with your answers, and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing!
Enter byJanuary 1; winners will be drawn on January 15
It's all too much excitement for me this morning. Think I'll slope off back to bed with Michelle Styles' A Christmas Wedding Wager. Certainly deserve it after all that hard work yesterday...


Michelle Styles said...

remember Christmas shopping is supposed to an aspirational experience, a time to indulge so going to Harvey Nicks champagne bar is exactly the right thing to do! The internet can be used for the hard core, heavy duty stuff...
Hooray for your daughter's singing.

I do hope you enjoy ACWW!

Anonymous said...

oooohhh, champagne bars?! We don't have anything nearly that lovely over here.

Good luck on the shopping, congrats to daughter on her choir (is she feeling better?), and...oh dear, mind is short-circuiting. I think it's the idea of a champagne bar...

Eva said...

That sounds like such fun, the competitions and the day out!

Kate Hardy said...

Glad your daughter had such a good time singing.

LOL on Harvey Nicks. (We need one of those in Norwich...)

ACWW is a fab read so you'll enjoy it thoroughly.

Enjoy the competitions :o)

India said...

You're so right, Michelle. I think that these days I'm so used to shopping at the click of a mouse, while dressed in my pyjamas with my hair unbrushed that actually going out and seeing things in all their glory (and smelling them too-- the cosmetic departments are just divine at this time of year) is almost too much!!

Brown, I wish I could say they were on every street corner here, but alas... (and Eva would know what a huge fib that was so there would be no point in trying!)

India said...

Sorry Kate-- don't know how I missed you!

I think we all need a HN nearby. (but not too near, obviously, or we'd end up as bankrupt alcoholics.) Visiting one is like being transported to another planet for me... But excellent research, of course!