Friday, 14 December 2007

Should have bought more tea towels...

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the
competition to win help with the washing up from Daniel Craig. There were LOADS of entries, as I discovered last night at half past twelve when I printed them out and started tearing them up into little individual bits for my daughters to pick out of a hat/empty cereal box this morning.
Next time I must a) buy more tea towels and b) start tearing earlier.

The answer,of course, was that the inspiration for Angelo in The Italian's Captive Virgin, was kindly provided By Alex Pettyfer, and the winner, picked by Daughter #2 (who got up first) is HANNAH. Congratulations!

Since I have three daughters, I had to give them all a chance to pick a name, so Theresa and Margaret will also be recieving copies of the book. Not the same as Daniel Craig, I know!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Hannah, Theresa, and Margaret, and poo-poo to me, who came too late to enter.

Amanda Ashby said...

Not that I want to discourage you from making confetti, but there is a nifty little thing on the internet called a random generator and you just allocate each entry a number and then get the puter to pick a winner. Okay, I can see your eyes clouding over, so perhaps forget that I mentioned it!!!