Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Wedding Anniversary

It all seems hilariously naïve and foolish now, but fifteen years ago when we got married we thought that a Christmas wedding would be romantic.

This morning, staring despondently down at a Things To Do List that extended to several pages (in fact, might possibly have exceeded the word count of my current ms) as I simultaneously tried to ice fairy cakes for daughter #3’s class party, the irony of this struck me afresh.


Kate Hardy said...

Happy anniversary, O glamorous child bride!

A Christmas wedding *is* romantic (says she, writing a Christmas duo with weddings, VBG) but a Christmas anniversary maybe less so, because of the time factor.

You could always have an 'official' anniversary at a less frantic/fractious time of year... Paris in the Spring, perhaps?

(Yeah, yeah. So I'm a bad influence.)

Margaret McDonagh said...

Happy Anniversary wishes. I hope the day wasn't too manic, despite the mega to-do list, and you did get at least a bit of time with the dh to celebrate.

Fifteen years? Impossible! As Kate said, you must have been a child bride!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sorry, kittens have had me up since 4am, and my bag of witty things to say is sadly empty...

Happy icing, and many more anniversaries and fairies!

Eva said...

Fifteen years! You've been married nearly as long as I have!!

Kate Walker said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to the child bride - and child bridegroom!

I know you had a lovely day just being together - no matter what other mania the Christmas season brought

And here's to many many more

T'Other Kate

India said...

You're all very kind (especially about the child bride bit!) We didn't quite manage the night away we'd longed for, but had a nice day together at least.

Every year I think it's payback for dragging our poor longsuffering families the length of the country so close to Christmas all those years ago!!

India said...

Oh, and Kate H-- that's kind of what we do in June. We met on midsummer evening, which is a MUCH more convenient date to celebrate!