Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

I love the time between Christmas and New Year. For sheer decadence and hedonism the last days of the old year surely can rival the last days of the Roman Empire, and the week has passed in a blur of lie-ins, hot baths, chocolate and champagne—all the more blissful for being shared with lovely family we don’t see nearly enough and great friends. (With the exception of the hot baths, by the way, which weren’t shared with anyone but Kate Hardy’s lovely book ‘One Night One Baby’. Heaven can wait.)

Today I’m cooking for a party, and preparing for a final extravaganza of overindulgence before a return to sobriety, ryvita and resolutions tomorrow. Wishing everyone a great New Year’s Eve—but more importantly—an inspired, positive and happy 2008. Maybe it’s too much to ask that all your dreams will come true—but just one or two would be nice. (Which one would you choose?)


Kate Hardy said...

Bless you, India, for taking my stormchaser into the bath :o)

Wishes come true? I'd really like a magic wand so I could solve problems and heartache for certain people close to me. But failing that I guess I'll be dispensing lattes and a listening ear instead.

Kate Hardy said...

Duh - and I also meant to say, happy new year :o)

Eva said...

Happy New Year, India!

I wouldn't mind a year similar to 2007, except with more travel, including a trip to England to see old friends.

Michelle Styles said...

Happy New Year

And yes, I would agree One Night,One Baby is excellent indulgent reading!

Nell said...

Happy New Year! My bigest hope is to get healthy again in 2008

Kate Hewitt said...

Happy New Year! We've had a lovely, indulgent last week too, staying with family. As for wishes... just more of the same, really. That we'd all stay happy and healthy and enjoying our blessings.


Amanda Ashby said...

Happy New Year, India!!! It was Molly's birthday today so I'm far too full of party food to even attempt to answer your question, but tomorrow I will try and be a bit more witty and wise!!!! In the meantime here's to a fabulous 2008!!!

Richard said...

Happy New Year - and continued success. I have one resolution this year and that's to get back oop north before the summer. An NWG reunion?

India said...

Kate-- that's such a nice one. The magic wand may be tricky, but the rest is just as good. xx

Eva-- I'm with you on more of the same; 2007 was a totally top year for me, so I'm hoping for another one like that. And seeing you in June will make it even better-- can't wait!!

Michelle-- December was a pretty great reading month, what with A Christmas Wedding Wager and Kate's stormchaser. (Hmmm... is it any wonder that writing progress was slow?)

Nell-- hugs on that one, good luck and hope it happens. xx

Glad you had a lovely Christmas, Kate. As it's now a week into January it all seems a million years ago, but it's so good to have some downtime. And your New Year wish sums it all up really-- nicely put!

That's my girl, Amanda! Hope M had a great birthday-- did you leave any cake for her?!

NWG re-union sounds great Richard-- it would be so good to see you. And as resolutions go, that has to be one of the easiest so you have to DO IT!!