Monday, 6 October 2008

A good spell of writing.

I love it when it's like this: when the plot fits together, the words flow and the characters don't stop talking-- even when the computer is off and the house is full of noise, distraction and plumbers. I'm even loving getting up at 5, which is most unlike me, writing faster and happily sinking deeper into the world of the book.

Usually the only things I sink happily into are large glasses of wine, and bed, so this is good. I am very ready to sink. Sinking, in this context, is an extremely positive thing.

(It is also not before time.)

This is my most cold and ruthless hero to date. As a rule I don't go much for cold and ruthless; I tend to find laid back and laconic much more sexy. I think living with the plumbers for so long has brought out my unforgiving side.


Rachel said...

OOh Henry....

Nuff said methinks.


Michelle Styles said...

Glad the characters are talking. See your process does work -- for you and that is all that matters

Kate Hardy said...

Glad it's going well. As Michelle says, as long as it works for you - that's the main thing!

Trenda said...

Sigh...yummilicious Henry!


P.S. Delighted you are so deliciously "sunk" into your story!

India said...

Ooh Henry indeed! I think it's just as well The Tudors has finished now, because the image of him in tights was beginning to get seriously in the way of my writing. (shall have to do a search and replace on the words 'doublet' and 'tights' before submitting, I think...)

Michelle-- you're SO right, and I think that's definitely a whole blog entry on its own. You've really helped me to come to terms with the way I do it. (Although, as you say, I wouldn't necessarily choose it this way!)

Hi Kate! The writing works, it's just the rest of my life that's falling into disarray. Turned up at school to pick the children up yesterday, forgetting that they were both doing after school activities, which was mighty annoying. Oh well, better than forgetting to turn up at all, which I'm always slightly worried I'll do!

Trenda, have you been watching The Tudors too? Actually, I first fell for Henry in Tristan and Isolde, in which he is truly, truly yummilicious. If you haven't seen it you really must! Research, you know...

Kate Hewitt said...

Sounds great, India. I wrote one cold and ruthless hero and it took me six months to recover--but I think I'm ready for another one :) So glad the writing is going well for you!!

Trenda said...

I loved Tristan and Isolde, but perhaps I should watch again...research...ah the drudgery of such work. LOL.


India said...

I think a little revisit is definitely in order, Trenda.

Is it just me or has there been a real lack of good, blockbusting, four hankie weepy films lately? Re-watching the old ones seems almost essential!

Jeanne said...

Our household has just started the second season of The Tudors over here in Canada, and good gracious is that boy delicious.

So glad to hear the writing is going well, India!