Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Yikes-- it's October!

Which means that my deadline really is getting horrifyingly close. I never did report back on how the ‘slow and steady’ approach was going, did I? I think that in itself probably tells you all you need to know.

Yesterday I took an hour out from panicking over my keyboard and went to the Harvest Festival at daughters #2 and 3’s school, leaving the army of plumbers who had turned up to finally take the new bath from the front room, where its been situated for the past month, and put it up in the bathroom. Felt guilty as I slipped out, clutching my box of harvest gifts, partly for palming off much of our courgette glut onto the elderly of South Cheshire, but also because I felt that I really should have invited the army of plumbers along to the event since they’ve been here so blooming long they’ve become almost part of the family (although not really in a good way.)

Anyway, enjoyed a quiet hour in church contemplating the cycle of the seasons and mentally planning my next sex scene while listening with half an ear to daughter #2 recite a poem (with some difficulty since, as of Sunday morning she has two missing front teeth) and daughter #3 say a prayer. (‘Thank you for good food—for wine, bread olive oil’. Yum...very Jamie Oliver, I thought...) However the highlight of the service was the reception children singing a fabulous song called ‘Jesus you didn’t make my sandwiches.’ I’ve noticed He doesn’t empty the dishwasher much either.

Got back feeling spiritually uplifted (and very smug about getting rid of so many courgettes in one simple stroke) to discover the beautiful new bath in situ but set at a distinctly sloping angle, so the water has no hope of ever draining out properly.

Should have taken the plumbers with me, after all.


Karen said...

India, you always make me smile.
Sitting in church and thinking of your next sex scene? Your my kind of girl, although when I sit in church, all I tend to think about is the meaning of life. That's quite a question to ask yourself I know, but there you are.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, Julie Moggan hasn't come back to me as yet, about the 3 Minute Wonder Doco. She is trying to put a plan together for me, as to what exactly she intends to do with me. (You know what I mean).

xx Karen

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on the bath issue. But I love the sound of that hymn :o)

Rachel said...

Plumber trouble eh, India?They must have a very similar genetic make up to my Lesser Spotted(ie rarely seen) Builder. Even the credit crunch doesn't seem to be sufficient inducement for the man to clear up the mess he made in January and collect his final £150--cash obviously! And all those goodwill chocolate biscuits I trustingly invested in him too--Anne Robinson was right, never, EVER, make tea for workmen!



India said...

I know Karen-- it's not good is it? But bizarrely enough I've always fancied myself as a vicar's wife-- I blame exposure to Richard Chamberlain in The Thorn Birds at an impressionable age...
(Hope the other issue is resolved now... will be in touch!)

Kate-- the hymn was COOL! Although I do really mourn the passing of the days when you could turn up at a harvest festival safe in the knowledge that you'd get a bit of 'We Plough the Fields and Scatter.' Haven't sung that since about 1987 I don't think!

I'm so pathetic I do virtually the full English Afternoon Tea, as enjoyed in the Palm Court at The Ritz, Rach. No wonder the bath wasn't straight-- it was the champagne cocktails I served with the sandwiches and scones...