Friday, 24 October 2008

It's a good job...

that the clocks go back this weekend.

That gives me a whole extra hour before I have to submit this book.


Rachel said...

Do they? Thanks for the reminder, India!

Keep going you poor thing--it'll all be worth it.

Thinking of you (and the fact that your house MUST be messier than mine by now.



Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, India. You'll get there :o)

Trenda said...

Lotsa hugs and good wishes, India. You'll make it, and the book will be fabulous!


Karen said...

Hi India
Keep going, we know you can do it.
xx Karen

Anonymous said...

oops - the clocks went back?

India said...

Ahh, thanks so much for the encouragement, girls!

Made it in the end, with the help of tea, chocolate and your support!


(Abby, you're in the middle of writing a book. You don't need to know what the time is, so just keep working...)