Friday, 10 October 2008

Your mission for this weekend...

...should you choose to accept it. (And I strongly recommend that you do...)

  • Go to a supermarket. Buy a large bar of chocolate (minimum 500g), a box of tissues, a bottle of wine/ indulgent beverage of your choice, and a copy of Abby Green’s latest book The Spaniard’s Marriage Bargain.

  • Return home, thinking of a plausible story that will get you out of all domestic and social responsibilities for at least 24 hours.
  • Unplug phone, make excuses to nearest and dearest and smuggle all purchases up to bed.
  • Read Rowan and Isandro’s story, eat chocolate, drink wine and weep. And weep some more. And then probably read again...

    This is a seriously special book. And I’m honestly not just saying that because Abby Green is my friend—absolutely the opposite in fact, as I’m very fond of telling her (as publicly as possible—preferably in front of editors) that her books are completely terrible and that if she ever wants any writing advice she only has to ask. So naturally it pains me deeply to have to report that this is a cracking, whole box of tissues, edge of your seat, emotionally wrenching page-turner of a read. The characters are perfect: both of them are real and fragile, and their struggle to come to terms with past hurt and move on from it is brilliantly drawn, as is the irresistible sexual tension between them. The story itself is actually pretty breathtaking in its simplicity and emotional logic, with a twist that I just know will make you gasp out loud (and thank me for reminding you to buy the tissues.)

    Just don’t tell her I said so, OK?


Karen said...

Hi India
I was lucky enough to win a competition on Abby's web-site, back in the summer, and she sent me the hard cover of this book. When I finished it a couple of months ago, I e-mailed Abby and told her it was one of the most fab books I had read all year! It was heart-breakingly good, sad, joyous, with every emotion you can think of, mixed in. I loved it!
I am quite addicted to her writing, and yes you are right, she sure can write a book.
xx Karen

Anonymous said...

Ah...thanks guys. India I'll pay you when I see you next, ok?! :-)
x Abby

India said...

I know Karen-- heart breakingly good sums it up. That's a great way of putting it and it was certainly one of the most memorable books I've read this year.

(Oi you, Anonymous girl... Leave before your head gets too big.)

Katie_S said...

Any ideas when the books out in Aus/NZ? Sounds great and I love any excuse for eating a big bar of chocolate too ;-)

Katie_S said...

It's okay - you can ignore my last question - I found it:

November seems so long away :-(

Rachel said...

Dear India,

I've just started reading this sparkling little gem and now need feel no guilt about ignoring all the school uniform that needs ironing today--it can wait--because India says so.

I couldn't help but wonder if Isandro was inspired by any particular gorgeous male? The dark blond hair, the eyes like blue ice...?

Daniel obsessed, moi?

Lots of love,


India said...

Katie-- glad you found the answer. Usually Aus/NZ releases are a month after UK ones, and I think the books are often available on Amazon a little bit before the official release date so I'm sure you won't have to wait long.

Oooh Rachel-- that gives me such a feeling of power! I wish my children were so obedient.

Not sure if she had anyone particular in mind when she wrote Isandro, but I'll ask...

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm still basking in the glow of India's blog! I just hope the book lives up to any expectations. Gulp. Rachel if you're thinking Isandro was inspired by Daniel Craig, I'm afraid not...! He's too small and stocky for me. It was actually a model in a magazine and I cut it out and now can't find out who the model is as I don't know what he's advertising. Ah well.
Katie I hope you find the book ok when it comes out...any excuse to eat chocolate after all is a good excuse...
x Abby

Rachel said...

Thanks for the info Abby!
Short and stocky, mmmm maybe... but guess what? According to an interview over the weekend Daniel's hobbies are : reading books and going down the pub.

Big dramatic sigh.We could be so happy together...


India said...

Rachel, I *know*... She's VERY fussy.

However, to make up for any disappointment I have persuaded her to come back and explain the workings of her mind further. Fortunately she's managed to include a photo of The Man...