Thursday, 1 November 2007

There is such a thing as being too honest.

Last night was the school Halloween disco. As well as the children, the Mums In Charge were supposed to dress up in Halloween costumes too.

It was all a bridge too far for me.

'Don't worry mum,' said daughter #2 kindly. 'With the grey streaks in your hair you look really witchy already.'

Have spent an hour in Boots this morning, staring at shelves full of hair dye and thinking bad, unmotherly thoughts.


Rach said...

Oh dear, they really can't help it can they?
Could be worse though, I am regularly reminded I have the biggest bottom/tummy in the family-charming or what?
Hope you didn't do anything rash in Boots though, I'm thinking of that particular shade of 'burgundy'...eek.

India said...

I'm kind of ashamed to admit I left without making a purchase, Rach. I'm SCARED... previous experience tells me I'm likely to end up dyeing large areas of my neck and shoulders, and much of my bathroom carpet.

But burgundy does sound nice... Maybe I'll just see how you get on and proceed from there?

Rach said...

you are wise to be scared-I haven't DIY'd for over a decade. Book yourself into the nearest (expensive) salon and get those highlights woven in by a pro.
The phrase is 'you're worth it' I believe.
Just don't tell hubby how much it cost- I save the child benefit for this. (Thanks Gordon!)

Kate Hewitt said...

I did the do-it-yourself dye job once and auburn turned out to be magenta. I'd go to a salon... I've been thinking along those lines myself, especially after the stylist who cut my hair said 'have you considered semi-permanent colour?' And just a few years ago I was always being told how young I looked!

Kate H.

Michelle Styles said...

I enjoy going grey and have no desire to dye my hair. I like the way grey looks.

However, I do agree with everyone who has said -- go to a salon that knows what they are doing. Get it done professionally and keep your appointments.

There are far too many botched jobs around.

Eva said...

I can recommend someone if you like but I tend to take the mystery (and potential horror) out of the process and pay the big bucks!

What's your budget?

Kate Hardy said...

Grey hair? You? Nah, you're a baby.

You'd look fab with burgundy lowlights.

And last time I saw you (only a couple of weeks back) you didn't look grey at all. You looked FABULOUS. (If you weren't so nice, I'd hate you for it *g*)

India said...

Oh dear... have been unable to get back to post due to extreme trauma at the mention of the word 'salon'.

I can't do it.

I think my approach to many aspects of life can be summed up in the words 'low' and 'maintenance'. Victoria Beckham I am not. But sadly I think the time is coming when 'low maintenance' is slipping inexorably into frumpy. *sigh* I need to embrace the salon concept. I love the sound of burgundy lowlights...

Michelle, the reason you look so gorgeous with greying hair is that it makes the blue of your eyes even more intense. It just makes me look like a witch (apparently)

Of course, the other alternative is to send daughter #2 to boarding school and live life in blissful denial...

Trish said...

Or tell her that children put the grey there...???

Just a thought.

India said...

That, Trish, is the tragic irony.
The grey hair, the frown lines, the stretch marks... all down to them.

Actually I'm thinking of buying a cauldron, and threatening to turn them all into toads if there's any more cheek.

Not sure if Ruby the Airhead Cat is up to the role of Familiar though.

Nell said...

Your experience sounds similar to mine when I was considring buying a new top in a nice bright orange (I usually wear dark colours). My very own fashion diva advised me that I'd look like a fat carrot. Sigh

Michelle Styles said...

YOu can also change your shampoo. I sometimes use Blue Malva by Aveda which is made for greying hair. It seems to make the grey blen in a bit more...And I see in today's paper that Boots has its own brand.

LOL on Nell's carrot experience.

My children can also be singularly uncomplimentary about certain things which is unfair all things considered.

Amanda Ashby said...

Honestly, kids have so much to answer for. First they turn our hair grey and then they rub it in - it's a cruel, cruel world!! However, since I have pathalogical fear of hairdressers (and if you could see my Suzi Quatro haircut this fear would be fully explained), I always dye my hair myself and my only advice is to make sure you wear your husband's shirts when you do it - nothing more annoying than ruining your own clothes!!!!

Amanda (helpful to the end)

India said...

Exactly, Amanda. Never trust a slim 19 year old waving a pair of scissors in the direction of your hair, while looking bored and gazing in the mirror at her own blonde, glossy gorgeousness. It can only end in tears!

Michelle, have invested in something called a 'colour glaze' which you use like a shampoo and it's supposed to blend away the grey. It's certainly had a dramatic effect on the colour of the bath enamel, so I assume it's doing something to my hair....

India said...

Nell, you have to admire her aptitude for a well-turned image (she obviously inherits that from her mother), and yet...

It would just be nice if she could turn it at someone else's expense!

(Hope you bought the top anyway, and wear it proudly at all school functions...)

Anonymous said...

LOL, that is hilarious...what you should have been looking for, was scotch tape for daughter's mouth. :P