Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Cracker number Four

Or, more accurately, Four Christmas Crackers. (Or three and a half, depending on how much you fancy the slightly shorter one with the best voice.) Which member of Il Divo would you like to find in your stocking this Christmas? (There's a question for you to mull over while you queue in the post office today...)

Last night we went to the final performance of daughters 2 and 3's Christmas play. Sitting in the dark, crammed onto a chair at least three sizes too small for my bottom, wedged to one side by the width of my husband's shoulders in the seat pressed up against mine (the closest physical contact we've had time to enjoy for weeks) I watched the angels blinking and glittering in the stage lights while Mary nursed the baby and Joseph picked his nose and decided that, when daughter #3 goes up to high school in 4 years time I shall have to find some pretext to come back each year. Christmas is simply unthinkable without it.


Rachel said...

Dear India,

mine's the Italian looking one with the black shirt--mother would also approve I think!

We have our Christmas performances next week and now you've reminded me about the nose picking...Oh dear,it's always mine....



Donna Alward said...

Urs. No question.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

India, I'm going to be greedy and take all four!

Remembering back on my children's Christmas programs, I remember one year a little girl ran up on the stage and stole the "baby Jesus" and brought down the house.

Happy, Happy everyone!

Jane said...

I like Urs, too. Sebastien is a close second. I love their version of "O Holy Night."

Brigitte said...

Sebastien, of course....The quiet sexy one.

India said...

Thank goodness for Marilyn's selfless generosity in taking all four, because otherwise we'd have two homeless members of Il Divo this Christmas, and that would never do!

(Brigitte, I like very much your words 'quiet and sexy'. Hmmm. So many of our heroes are confident, which often means outspoken and I think it's easy to overlook the strong appeal of quietness...)

Thanks for your comments everyone!