Thursday, 4 December 2008


Why is it that throughout November I am always in total denial about Christmas, telling myself (and the children—at least 700 times a day) that it is far too early to start making cards/mince pies and listening to daughter #1s illegal download of Now That’s What I Call Xmas Volume 294 on the way to school.

Someone please remind me next year (perhaps around late August) that this is a grave tactical error.

However, am fending off feelings of unfestive despair at my complete organisational incompetence by planning some blog treats to keep us all going in the run up to Christmas. Come back tomorrow for the first of my timely reminders of the joys of the season!

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Michelle Styles said...

The reason Sting is called Sting is that he used to favour a black and yellow jumper when he was at school. The head of my children's old middle school went to school with him.

I like the idea of the 12 lays (as in minstrel songs) of Christmas.