Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas Cracker number Three

Feeling utterly rubbish today, having been poleaxed by some vile winter bug whose main symptom seems to be the feeling that you've been dropped from the top of a very tall building. So, Christmas Cracker #3 is someone gentle and comforting, who you could just imagine bringing you hot chocolate in bed. Because occasionally, isn't that all you want?

I'm loving hearing all about the kind of men you want to read about, although oddly enough so far no-one's mentioned anything about hot-chocolate bearing jazz pianists. Let's see if Harry Connick jr and his Astonishing Blue Eyes can persuade you. Click on the picture to watch him in festive action...

(And keep those men coming!)


Rachel said...

Oooh nice mouth! Lovely eyes and just the sort of nose I love--would it be 'aquiline' I wonder? I always struggle a bit with writing 'noses. Afraid that jumper's going to have to go back to M&S''Val Doonican' department though!

Sorry you're feeling grot, India--I prescribe lots of white carbs and butter and hot toddies (oh darn that school run!!).

Lots of love,


India said...

Yes, his nose is very straight isn't it? You can tell he's never done a season on the rugby pitch. The jumper-- along with the bits of the video that aren't taken up with his lovely eyes-- is a bit of an aberration... He was in that film Memphis Belle, and I have to say that khaki is definitely a better look on him!

Thank you for your prescription, nurse Rachel. I shall follow it to the letter the moment I hang up the car keys for the day. xx

Donna Alward said...

Nice one!

And I wonder if you have the same bug Michelle had. It laid her flat. Mostly. LOL.

Thanks for providing today's procrastination!

Donna Alward said...

Ok so I couldn't find an actual vid but I did find a fan vid and the second pic is the one that I'm using as hero inspiration for a future book so you might find it interesting:


Trenda said...

Oh my, he is positively perfect isn't he? Well, my day's off to a lovely start now. Thanks bunches.

Feel better soon!



Anonymous said...

Hi India
Hot totty alert for Christmas telly.
I think, no I'm positive, Rupert Penry-Jones is on, I think its a remake of North by Northwest??
I cried for a week, when he got blown up at the end of first episode of this series of Spooks.
Me and mum were literally sobbing. I kept telling myself, no, Harry will have magically saved him at the very last second.
But no, he died, oh god, how will I cope without him?
The only consolation, is that he's on telly this Christmas, can't wait.
That man has always made my knees turn to water. I have tried to analyse it, but I just go with my inner lust, and just enjoy him.
xx Karen

Donna Alward said...

KAREN!!!!!!!! We haven't got the new season here yet!!!!!!!!


Ok, so I *might* have heard Adam was gone BUT blown up...OMG now I'm traumatised!!!

*keels over*

India said...

Oh blimey-- you go away to wrap the odd present and write a few words (ahem... of chapter one) of your book and it all happens!

Trenda-- I'm feeling loads better today, thanks to Hoops and Yoyo!

Donna, that's a gorgeous song, and a gorgeous hero image. Is your book going to be christmas themed? I love those! (And since I've just spent half an hour on youtube following a link trail I think the procrastination epidemic is spreading. Isn't it amazing that between us all we ever get any books written at all..?)

Now Karen, this is a serious case of good news/bad news. From my point of view it's all looking good because RUPERT PENRY JONES IS GOING TO BE GRACING OUR SCREENS THIS CHRISTMAS... But for poor Donna your other revelation has come as quite a shock. Oh dear. I'll just nip off and rustle up some cyber brandy and mince pies while you settle yourselves on the sofa and watch this. Donna, this should cheer you up lovey...

Eeeeekkkk!! Excited now! How many sleeps til Christmas TV starts??

Donna Alward said...


Now dearest that just feels like a cruel joke. LOL

I may have to just youtube my sorrows away with some Bamber clips or something or other.

And in response to your query, the future hero book is not holiday themed but he does get to be a bit of a playboy prince. :-)

India said...

Playboy Prince... oh yummy yummy yum. Those two words make me very happy.

(Sorry about the link dahling. You'll just have to pop over on the next plane and watch the whole damn programme on my sofa with some duty free champagne. Good plan or what?)

Jane said...

Try this link:

Karen said...

Hi India
I am so mortified, SORRY Donna, I honestly didn't mean to spill the beans on our gorgeous man dying!
Just console yourself with this thought, he died saving London from desperate men!
Oh and another apology, (I'm full of them today), Rupert isn't in North by Northwest, its a remake of '39 Steps'. I read a fab article about it over the weekend, smacking my lips in anticipation (Oh, and he has a love interest in it, some girls get all the luck!)
xx Karen