Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Cracker number six

Those clementines look unappealing in the extreme but just listen to the voice and watch the hands...

I particularly like the drizzly caramel bit for some reason. And I'd dearly love to have Jean Christophe Novelli in my kitchen on Christmas day.


Trenda said...

I agree the dish holds no appeal but he does have such a lovely voice (and very, very nice hands).

Little Man is on the mend. "Dorothy" took second place with her project in the school's reading fair. She is delighted with herself and Mommy is so proud!

Have a wonderful day!


Trenda said...

India, I have continued thinking about your question...what qualities in a hero we find most appealing...and I think one thing I enjoy seeing is those moments in which the hero appears to be acting out of character. If he is cold and seemingly heartless with the heroine, but we see him acting with gentleness, compassion, or generosity toward someone else, it makes us question the persona he has presented to us via the heroine's perspective. "Is he truly so hard and ruthless as he wants her to think?" As an example, in Abby Green's wonderful book, The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain, the hero is vengeful toward the heroine, but he is gentle with her fragile mother. Such behavior gives the reader a wonderful glimpse of the real man behind the granite mask.

Jane said...

He makes it look so easy. I love his chin dimple.

Rachel said...

Ooh yes,India, yucky old pudding but as I recall it's something his Mum or Gran used to make when he was a child--so we can indulge him just the once. It probably beats Febreze on the festive smelliness front too.

But getting on to the thought of Those Hands basting the bird this yule, it appears the man CAN be bought. A quick google reveals he is available for private hire. Divorce and bankruptcy aren't cheap, he clearly needs the cash. Presumably he just cooks though...

So get saving for next year!

Lots of love,


India said...

Go Dorothy!! (And go Dorothy's super-mum!!) Glad you appreciate the appeal of JC's hands too, Trenda and my, that's an excellent point about the hero giving slight clues that he's not as she sees him. It's all in the subtext, and as you say, subtext can be very, very sexy. Nice work missis!

Jane. Chin dimple. *sigh*. It looks so irresistible and hot, but somehow when you write the words it just sounds cute. How can that be? Is there a more manly word for it, because you're absolutely right-- it's divine!

Rachel. Link. Now. (How much? Because my lovely granny just sent me a cheque to buy presents for the children. I think they have everything they need already.)

Rachel said...

Dear India,

I hope Granny is rich.

Cheap he is not!!!

Lots of love,