Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Final Cracker!

And who else could it be? International man of mystery; world famous yet perenially elusive philanthropist and distributor of gifts across the globe (ergo probably a billionaire?) Father Christmas has more Presents hero qualities than you might think. And the best thing about him is that-- unlike Sting and Rodrigo and Colin and all the rest, he's coming to your house tomorrow night! As long as you've been good all year....

So what shall we ask him for, ladies? To cover all bases I'm asking for three things that are pretty affordable, three things that are optimistically and wickedly expensive, and-- because he's magic-- three things that are absolutely priceless. Here's my list...

  1. Cheap.
    A red bounty. Hard to track down dark chocolate version of the coconut and chocolate bar, and a few bites of heaven for 55p

  2. 2. Vaseline hand cream.
    3. Any of the January release M&B's. There are some fab titles coming up, from Kate Hewitt, Lynne Graham, Sara Craven, Miranda Lee... Essential festive bathtime escapism

  1. Perfume. I love this stuff... No 1 most of the year, but X at Christmas for its dark, spicy pine and cedar scent.
  2. This scarf. (sigh) I love the colour and it's cashmere from Himalayan goats, you know... (it's also 109 of your finest English pounds and well out of my league...)

3. This chair. In my office. In pink.


  1. Huge investment in the NHS and massive pay increases for nurses
  2. For daughter #1 to believe me when I tell her she's beautiful
  3. Clean drinking water for everyone, everywhere, because our inadequate Christmas donation to Wateraid just isn't going to solve the problem.
    (Oh, and 4. James D'Arcy and some mistletoe...)

Aside from that I really am blessed in that I have everything I could reasonably want, so now seems like a good time to say thank you all so much for another year of support and sharing-- of your thoughts and your time and your kindness. (Sniff.) You're all gorgeous. Happy Christmas to everyone and a peaceful and perfect new year.


Donna Alward said...

Merry Christmas India! I've loved visiting your "crackers"! I hope you have a great relaxing holiday with the family.


India said...

Merry Christmas to you too Donna, and have a wonderful time with your gorgeous girls and your lovely husband. Catch up with you on the other side!!

Trenda said...

Merry Christmas, India! Here's hoping Santa brings you everything on your list!

xx Trenda

Jane said...

Merry Christmas, India.

India said...

Thanks Trenda and Jane! (And what's on your list for Santa? Whatever it is I'm sure he's packing it right now...)


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Happy Christmas to you dear friend. I just finished Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure and it was wonderful. In fact I began reading it in the late evening and it was so good I didn't get to bed until 4:00 am. It was a "coming home" story, absolutely brilliant and I adored the dedication.

Just getting ready to finish up my shopping, can you believe it. We've had another dumping of snow and I can't get out of my driveway so I hired a taxi to grocery shop and get stocking stuffers, wine, etc.

Enjoy your holiday and Happy New year India!

India said...

Ah Marilyn... A huge hug coming your way for being so lovely. Thank you so much-- that means such a lot. (I'm glad you read the dedication and knew who it was for! So true...)

And you have SNOW!! Months ago forecasters here promised us snow for Christmas as it was supposed to be the coldest winter for 50 years or something, but right now it's mild and damp and dingy. Which makes that last-minute shopping easier, I guess (but not so festive!)

Hope you managed to get everything and are now safe and warm back home. Have a wonderful Christmas! xx

Trenda said...

India, top of my list was a digital camera. Hubby let me open it early. It's adorable! White with pink polka dots. No, he didn't pick it out. Lovely daughter insisted he buy it "because Mommy loves pink, Daddy!" I'm afraid they may be questioning the wisdom of said purchase, however, as I am snapping pictures constantly now!

xx Trenda

Rachel said...

Dear, lovely, India,

Have a fantastic Christmas! Just LOVE your choice of perfume--don't suppose they hand out many samples of that stuff do they?

Must dash though, forgot to get the carrier bag full of batteries we're going to need tomorrow-never seem to have enough of those 9V square ones!

Lots and lots and lots of love,


India said...

Pink spotty camera!!! Now I want to update my wishlist. Trenda, it sounds just fabulous, and you will mail me a picture of the littlies on Christmas day, won't you? (And one of you too!) You can never take too many pictures. It's the only way of just slightly slowing down the carousel of their childhood...

Rachel-- BATTERIES. Gosh, thanks so much for that. Another thing to add to the list, which is growing by the minute. How come I never forget trivial items like tealights for table decoration, but always the dealbreakers that get left out? Luckily I woke up in the middle of the night and realised there's no lemons for the gin and tonic. Phew. He would have cancelled Christmas without those, you know...


Michelle Styles said...

Happy CHristmas India.

The perfume sounds heavenly.

I know the feeling about last minute panics. I have just found luckily we do have the meths for the fondue (we always have fondue on Christmas eve).
My dd has just informed that we are NOT changing the table cloth on the dining room table until after the fondue as a couple of years ago, it was set on fire... Still it will be a peaceful time.

And many thanks for all the reading pleasure.

Kate Hardy said...

Happy Christmas, India. Hope Santa brings you all your wishes! (Except you don't need your #4 - you already have a gorgeous RLH *g*)

Trenda said...

India, certainly I'll send a picture of the littlies on Christmas. But me? Ooh, I dunno, darling, you know how the kidlets are, waking Mommy and Daddy up before the sun's had a decent shot at rising. Of course, THEY always look adorable all sleepy and rumpled, but me, not so much!

Good luck with all the last minute shopping! Merry Christmas!

Lots of Christmas Hugs,


Jane said...

I would love a Kindle, but I don't think it'll be in my stocking this year. A cashmere sweater and makeup are also on my wish list.

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