Monday, 15 December 2008

More Christmas Totty (aka Christmas Cracker number Five)

Today He has taken the day off work and we’re going to nail Christmas once and for all. At least that’s what He thinks, because he has no conception of the enormity of the job nor how short the school day actually is. Shall no doubt return home later with repetitive strain injury from handing the credit card over so often and the threat of acrimonious divorce hanging over us.

However, in the midst of all that I’m also planning to buy something suitably sparkly and Christmassy as a prize for the contest Kate Hewitt and I are running together. Anyone who leaves a comment this week will automatically be entered—keep your random thoughts about what makes a man irresistible coming! (I'd much rather be applying my mind to that issue than to whether the turkey I've ordered will fit in my oven.)
In the meantime here's today's Christmas Cracker for your attention, ladies...

(PS-- sincere apologies to anyone who's awaiting an email from me. I've got horribly behind on everything but will catch up soon, I hope.) (Cue the sound of hollow laughter...)


Trenda said...

Loved this, India! Just the thing to bring a smile on a very drab, very wet morning.

Happy Shopping with your very own "Him."



Trenda said...

Forgot to mention...

As Little Man is sickish this morning, He delivered "Dorothy" and her project to school this morning. Too adorable that girl!

Oh and by some miracle have managed to complete rough draft of WIP. Am convinced angels, fairies, or both must have been involved.


Michelle Styles said...

Has Kate Hardy seen this? I would think she might have a thing or two say about HIM.

Jane said...

I haven't seen "Him" in a long time.

Kate Hardy said...


Antonio. Is. Mine.

(Happy sigh. Back to WIP in Norway. With reindeer.)

Rachel said...

Dear India,

top award for bravery! Christmas shopping and MEN do not make for a harmonious time in this house (especially the credit card bit). Hope you came back laden and intact!


India said...

Trenda, hope your littlie is better now. There are so many vile things going around at this time of year I always feel tempted to keep mine home for the last week before Christmas! (oh yes, except how would I get everything done if I did that?)

Jane-- I think there's a reason for that. Kate Hardy has been keeping him in the back of her wardrobe! (You were right Michelle...!) Kate, lovely to be writing a seasonal book. My current WInotinP is set in the height of swooning hot summer, which I'm sure is partly why I can't apply myself to it properly.

Rach, home intact but slightly puzzled. He works in finance. Money is his Thing. So how come he doesn't understand how much things cost?

Got lovely necklace from jewellery favourites Hult-Quist for competition prize though. (Note to self: Is Prize. Is not for keeping. Grrr.)